Makerkit is now called Suggested. 🎉 Read the announcement

Makerkit is now Suggested


I'm excited to announce that Makerkit has been rebranded to Suggested.

This is more in line with what we actually do - ie collecting user suggestions and feedback, and helping you manage and centralise all that data in one place.

When we first built Makerkit, the name reflected who our customers were - makers, indie hackers, bootstrappers and solo founders, but over the course of the last few years our customer base has grown to bigger companies. So the new name Suggested is a better description of what our product enables your customers to do, rather than who our customers are.

We've also got a new logo which in my opionion is cleaner than the old.

If you've got a custom domain pointing to, or are using the subdomain, they'll still continue to work. We have no intention of turning off services under the old domain.

Onwards and upwards!

Suggested is lightweight tool for collecting, and managing feature requests from your customers to build products that your users actually want. Designed for product managers 💖