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Does feature request voting do more harm than good?

Added May 18, 2020

We take a deep dive into why allowing customers to vote on features could be harmful to your product


10 Ways Feedback Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Added May 10, 2020

Customer feedback can help you create a better product, inform you of changes your customers would like to see and it can improve your marketing strategy.


Makerkit is now Suggested

Added May 06, 2020

We got a new name, and a shiny new logo.


4 Key Habits That Will Make You a Better Product Manager

Added July 29, 2019

Do you know someone in product management you admire for their ability to get results? How are they seemingly able to do so much more with their time?


How to Be a Runaway Hit With the Right Product-Market Fit

Added July 19, 2019

When you achieve the ultimate product-market fit, what you have to offer can have the same effect; thousands of hungry hands stretch out to get a hold of your product. So much so that your company is barely able to keep up with demand.


How to know what product features your clients actually want

Added July 11, 2019

Every product manager knows the right features make a product shine. But when product feature requests pour in from customers, it's easy to mistakingly implement solutions that don’t address the customer's real needs


All you need to know about sales funnels (and the best tools)

Added July 02, 2019

A marketing sales funnel describes the psychological journey a lead must experience before they feel confident enough to make a purchase. Your goal is to guide them through the sales process gently, so they are always getting closer to buying what you're offering.


What's new - June 2019

Added June 25, 2019

Quick update on how Suggested is improving, and providing you with a better experience of collecting feedback from your customers


How to Reduce Abandoned Carts and Make More Money

Added June 19, 2019

We're doing some online shopping to buy something we need or that caught our interest. We add it to the cart, yet we never push the "complete order" button at check out.


The ultimate guide to analytics

Added June 12, 2019

Why tracking analytics is important for your business


This Is What Happens When You Share Your Product Roadmap

Added May 30, 2019

There are tremendous benefits to public product roadmaps. This post outlines four ways that sharing what's happening with your product can transform your business.


How to Nail Down a Winning Product Strategy in 4 Easy Steps

Added May 23, 2019

How do you create a solid product strategy to minimize the risk of failure? Read on to find out.


The Perfect Way Product Managers Can Structure Their Day

Added May 15, 2019

As a product manager, do you feel like you're swimming in a sea of stress and overwhelm? You're always putting out fires and working on urgent but unimportant things. As a result, the needle never moves towards what really matters.


How to Get Raving Fans Through Live Customer Service Chats

Added May 10, 2019

Companies offering live customer service chats are on the rise, and customers are loving it. In fact, customers have come to prefer live chats as their medium of choice when it comes to connecting with companies.


How to Design the Ultimate Instagram Profile for Your Software Company

Added April 22, 2019

Instagram is a network that many B2B companies struggle with - particularly in the software space.


How can I get the most out of feedback?

Added December 11, 2018

For business owners, feedback from customers is often an immediate action that is straight to the point and actionable. Customers might complain about pricing.


How can businesses use tech to improve customer feedback

Added November 27, 2018

There are three main facets of the customer feedback experience that technology can play a major factor in: collection, interpretation, and action. There are multiple product toolkits that utilize existing customer feedback to make important business decisions


What's the difference between a survey and feedback?

Added November 13, 2018

Surveys and customer feedback might seem similar, but there are a few key differences


The operational cost of running a startup

Added November 02, 2018

How much (or little) does it cost to run a SaaS startup?


The importance of customer feedback

Added October 30, 2018

Why customer feedback collection should be an important process in your business


Do people really care about customer feedback?

Added October 16, 2018

As a business do your customers really care if their feedback is being considered.


Dog fooding your own software

Added October 04, 2018

When it comes to building software products, eating your own dog food is a competative advantage