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Trello alternative

Try Suggested, designed for product people.

While Trello is general project management software, and is sometimes used to organise customer feedback - it is not specifically designed for: customer feedback management, public roadmap, or product changelog

Suggested on the other hand is designed for collecting and managing customer feedback, public roadmaps, and changelogs. We don't think of Suggested as an alternative for Trello, but we think it's better suited if you're planning to use Trello was product management & feedback capture.


Why our customers love Suggested

Public product portal
With Suggested you can easily setup a subdomain to collect your user feedback, display your product roadmap and changelog.
Trello has not concept of a portal specifically designed for this. You can give users access read-only access to your Trello board, but this is a less than ideal solution.
Collecting feedback & voting
Suggested enables your customers to give their feedback on what features should be worked on using a simple voting system. This enables you to better understand which features should be tackled first.
Since Trello is primarily used for project management, it's like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole when using it to collect customer feedback. It alos has no support for sorting based on customer votes.
Public roadmap
Suggested is specifically designed to enable you to show a public roadmap for your product development.
Though you can achieve the same thing with Trello with lists and cards, it's not an ideal solution.
Product changelog
Inform your customers when you've made changes to your product, or make other type of annoucments using a product changelog.
Trello doesn't support a way of showing the latest changes that have been deployed to your product in a graceful way.