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Get Satisfaction alternative

Try Suggested, designed for product people.

We think that Suggested fulfills a different role compared to Get Satisfaction. Suggested provides the tools needed to collect and manage user feedback to priorise product development; whereas Get Satisfaction is more about community management.

We enable companies to build better products using feedback from their customers. With support for public roadmaps and changelogs


Why our customers love Suggested

Get started in seconds
With Suggested, you can setup an account and get running in seconds. We are fully self-serve. No waiting for an account manager to setup your account, or schedule a call with a sales person.
With Get Satisfaction you'll have to schedule a call, get a demo and then you can finally sign up for an account. This is very time consuming.
Transparent, simple pricing
We have a simple pricing structure which is aimed at solo/indie hackers all the way to to growing startups. Our plans start at $20.
With Get Satisfaction, you'll have to schedule a call with their sales team to get the price as they do not publish their prices publicly. But they tend to be on the higher end of the spectrum.
Smarter product development
Suggested enables your customers to give their feedback on what features should be worked on using a simple voting system. This enables you to better understand which features should be tackled first.
Public roadmap
Show your customers which features are planned, which ones are being worked on, and what features have been completed.
Product changelog
Inform your customers when you've made changes to your product, or make other type of annoucments using a product changelog.
Lightweight, slick design
Our product is super lightweight, we only include features that you'll need to be successful. We've designed our product to be as slick as possible, which is what users have come to expect from modern web applications.
Fast support
If you run into any problems or have questions, we're here to help. Our support is top notch, and included for all our plans.