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UserVoice alternative

Try Suggested, designed for product people.

Suggested was born out of necessity. Built by a serial entrepreneur to manage customer feedback and product development for multiple projects.

We've don't really consider ourselves a UserVoice alternative, we're designed for startups and agile companies that want to get started right away, rather than large enterprises.

Designed to be lightweight, cost-effective, with full support for customer feedback, roadmaps, and changelogs.


Why our customers love Suggested

Get started in seconds
With Suggested, you can setup an account and get running in seconds. We are fully self-serve. No waiting for an account manager to setup your account, or schedule a call with a sales person.
With UserVoice you'll have to schedule a call, get a demo and then you can finally sign up for an account. This is hugely time consuming, and goes against the nature of agile companies.
Transparent, simple pricing
We have a simple pricing structure which is aimed at solo/indie hackers all the way to to growing startups. Our plans start at $20. You get started in a matter of minutes.
With Uservoice, you'll have to schedule a call with their sales team to get the price as they do not publish their prices publicly. But they tend to be on the higher end of the spectrum.
Custom SSL domains for everyone
We offer free SSL custom domains for your product dashboard. They come as standard with all our plans.
UserVoice does offer custom SSL domains, but it does come at an extra cost.
Lightweight, slick design
Our product is super lightweight, we only include features that you'll need to be successful. We've designed our product to be as slick as possible, which is what users have come to expect from modern web applications.
Fast support
If you run into any problems or have questions, we're here to help. Our support is top notch, and included for all our plans.