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What's new - June 2019


The following is taken from our newsletter:

Time for the quarterly update! There's been a ton of new functionality added to make collecting feature requests easier, and more streamlined for you. Thanks to everyone who provided their valuable feedback :)

  • Portal customisation - you can now upload you own logo and favicon, as well as set the colours for your portal. Now it's super easy to style the portal with your brand's colours.
  • Changelog improvements - preview your posts before posting. We've also added filtering by date for the customer facing view of the changelog.
  • New pricing - we've radically simplified how we price the product, now we have two tiers: free and paid. Both include all features, but free is limited to feedback from 25 customers - simple.
  • Team support - invite your colleagues to join your team, see here.
  • Private labels and feedback - when you've got feedback that should only be viewable by your team, we've got you covered.
  • Search - this was a highly asked for feature. You can now search for existing items of feedback within your project. Super useful!
  • Intercom support! - this is a big one. If you're running Intercom, you can allow your users to submit or vote on feedback directly through the intercom messenger. We're live on the intercom app store

As always you can submit feature requests on our portal, see our roadmap here, or view all the product updates we made.

Suggested is lightweight tool for collecting, and managing feature requests from your customers to build products that your users actually want. Designed for product managers 💖