How to collect feedback from your team

Time to read: 1 mins.


Our permissions system make it easy to manage who can exactly see feedback that you create. You can use it to create feedback that's only viewable by your team, by specific people, or by specific outside organisations.


To get started with permissions, head over to the Privacy tab in your feedback portal

privacy tab

As you can see that is already a permission called Public. Any feedback that has this permission will be viewable by everyone.

Let's create a new team only permission. Any feedback that's assigned this permission will only be viewable by your internal team.

create permission

First we give this permission a name, and since we want to make it private, we toggle This is private. This will make any feedback that's assigned to this permission only viewable by your team.

If you want to give additional user groups access, you can add entire organisations using their domain, e.g. You can also give specific users access with their email address.

Additional, if you want to force users to login first before being able to view your feedback portal, you can toggle the Prompt users to login option in the privacy options. This will only show the contents of the feedback portal if the user if logged in.

When a member of your team comes to create a piece of feedback, they can simply select the new permission that was created:

select permission