How to use the roadmap

Time to read: 1 mins.


Our roadmap feature allows you to inform your users which feature requests are being considered for development, what features are being built, and what features have been rolled out.

It's a light weight way for you to keep your users in the loop, and also let them know that you take their feature requests seriously. It's a great way to delight your customers.

The roadmap

The roadmap is enabled by default for all accounts. When you create a brand new account, it will be blank. You'll have to create feedback items, and change the status to move them into the roadmap. More on this below.

The roadmap consists of three columns (or statuses):

  • Planned: This is for feature requests that to plan to actually implement
  • In Progress: This is for items that are currently being worked on by your team
  • Complete: As you've guessed it, these are items that are finished and have been deployed to your product

Here's an example where these roadmap columns are populated with feedback items:

roadmap example

Feedback status, and how it relates to the roadmap

Every piece of feedback that is created within Suggested is assigned a status. The initial status will always be Open.

You can change the status of a feedback depending of what stage it is in your development process. Typically, a piece of feedback moves through these stages:

Open -> Planned -> In Progress -> Complete

When the feedback's status changes to: Planned, In Progress, or Complete, it'll appear in your roadmap automatically.

To change the status of a piece of feedback, use the dropdown on the right, as shown below:

change status

If you got any questions about how to effectively use the roadmap feature, or questions about how the status of a feedback works, get in contact with us and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction!