How to create a new portal

Time to read: 1 mins.


This guide shows you how to create a new portal, and configure it. A portal is composed of the roadmap, feedback, and changelog module.

Create a portal

Go to your Settings -> Portals page, where you'll see a list of existing portals, and a button to create a new one.

Click the "Create a new portal" button, which will take you to the create portal form:

Portal subdomain

This will be default address of the portal, unless you've set the custom domain.

Custom domain

If you want host the portal on a subdomain like, you'll need to set this. This will become the default address if it's set.

Homepage url

When set, a link back to your website/app will appear in the navigation bar of your portal, like so:

Portal modules

When users visit this portal, you can customise whether they see the list of feedback, the roadmap, or the changelog.

For example you could create a portal that just has the changelog, and host it under the subdomain This gives you an extra degree of freedom when customising what your users see.