How to get a list of voters for a piece of feedback

Time to read: 1 mins.


Every person that votes for a piece of feedback (or submits feedback) we'll ask for their email address and their name.

As a product manager, this gives you the minimum amount of information required to follow up with them in case you need clarification around why they voted for a feature request.

You can also use this information to map voters to users on your app, and see whether they are paying customers - or to any other metric that you're tracking. This gives to additional insight into assessing whether you should prioritise one feature request over another.

Get the list of voters

Note: to be able to do this, you have to be logged into your Suggested account.

Head over the the feedback's page, and click on the options menu that is located on the right of the page:

feedback menu

Click on the See Voters link, and you'll see a popup with a list of all voters for the feedback:

And there you have it! There's you list of voters for a piece of feedback.