How to setup a custom domain

Time to read: 2 mins.

First of all you will need access to your DNS settings to make these changes.


When you create a portal in Suggested, it will be hosted on our domain, i.e.

However, we give you the ability to host the portal using your own domain, typically customers choose to use something like

Hosting the portal on your own domain is recommended as it allows you to give the appearance that the feedback portal is a part of your site, and not a totally separate service. We want you to be able to fully whitelabel the feedback portal.

Set your portal's custom domain

First you'll need to go the portal's customise page, this can be found by clicking on the customise link

customise link

Once on that page you'll see the Portal subdomain option and a separate Custom domain option. In this instance, you want to change the Custom domain to the address you want to host this portal.

In the screenshot below, we're going to host this feedback portal at

portal settings

Update your DNS settings

The second step in the process of completing the setup of your custom domain is to update your DNS settings so that the new domain points to

Depending on who is hosting your domain, the UI might be different, but the overall process should be similar. We want to setup a CNAME record.

In our instance, we use Amazon's Route53 to host our domains, so the page where we update domain settings looks like:

As you can see, we've setup a CNAME record at that points to

In your instance, you can setup to point to Depending on your DNS service, it may take a few hours for the new address to start resolving.

We'll also provision a HTTPS certificate for that domain, so content served to users on that domain is secure.


If you run into any issues setting up a custom domain, get in contact with us at and we'll be happy to help!